About Me


Hi! I’m Ronald Jay Gervacio, my friends and family call me RJ. I’m a UX professional based in New York City.


I enjoy problem-solving, observing human emotions and behaviors while interacting with products, advocating for usability, and delivering enjoyable experiences. My purpose is to share my knowledge and talent in creating solutions that can improve people’s daily tasks.


I’m adventurous, driven, energetic, focused, and passionate when it comes to doing things that I love. On my free time, I love doing CrossFit and traveling with my wife and our dog, Luna. These two things have allowed me to draw positive energy, push myself beyond limits, and inspired me to become better in my profession.



What they say about me

"RJ is a talented UX designer that has made a tremendous impact on Sterling's User Experience in a short period of time. His strengths not only lie in UX/UI but also in his strong product understanding which enables him to interact with both external and internal customers from a point of intellect and interest."

Roland Lessard, CEO 

"RJ’s unique contribution to the team surfaced in his impeccable attention to detail in the user research phase. He primarily handled all testing as we validated our designs. RJ helped bring me up to speed on our products and was always able to provide insight into missed details. I am impressed with RJ’s rational in the beginning phases of UX/product design, his eagerness to provide solutions to technical problems, and his focus on our customers when debating design choices. I believe that RJ would be a great addition to any team looking for an experienced, motivated UX or product designer."

Matthew Aguila, Sr UX Designer

"...RJ's analytical nature as well as his education and experience in usability made him a perfect fit for the design lead on nearly all of the team's research and usability initiatives, including, organizing objectives, writing test plans, and administering usability tests...His friendly demeanor, and willingness to go the extra mile for this UX peers and colleagues in the Product and Engineering teams has helped to foster a strong feeling of camaraderie and cooperation within an ever-changing organization."

Garrett Price, VP of UX Design

"What was particularly rewarding was watching Ronald explore fresh concepts then successfully translate them via sound application. He got it. Combined with his UX experience, his grasp of visual design can be considered a growing strength and a significant asset."

David Ogurinde, Creative Director

"Ronald is an amazing person to have on your team. He knows the fundamentals needed in UX and Design to get the job done. He also does a great job of balancing delivery with obsessed about the user experience. He takes time and effort to understand the user and see the experience from their perspective. I had the privilege of having Ronald on my team and we shared some some of my greatest career moments together."

Vivek Bedi, Head of Consumer Experience Digital Products

"Working with RJ was a pleasure. He is a dedicated and thorough UX researcher and problem solver. His expertise in user studies benefited our entire team, and he never failed to advocate for our users and for design best practices."

Nani Pratt, UX Designer


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